Successful crowdfunding

June 15, 2013

Planning of a clinical study with oncolytic virus (ELC-100), commences after successful crowdfunding. Background: Author and freelance journalist Alexander Masters from England contacts Professor Magnus Essand to explore the possibilities of using the oncolytic virus to treat a friend and colleague affected by NET. Professor Essand informs that funding to start a clinical trial is lacking which Alexander Masters subsequently writes about in the British newspaper "The Telegraph" where he also suggests that anyone who donates a million British pounds should have the virus named after him. The article gets wide spread attention and a crowdfunding campaign, iCancer, is initiated by Alexander Masters, Dominic Nutt and Liz Scarff to get the funds needed for a clinical trial in NET. As a result, thousands of people from around the world together donate a substantial sum for the cause of which the majority by oil tycoon Vince Hamilton, himself affected by NET. The oncolytic virus is named AdVince after him.

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