Agneta Edberg

Chairman of the Board since 2020

Education: Agneta Edberg has a health economics education from Stockholm School of Economics and a biomedical education from the University of Sundsvall.

Experience: Agneta Edberg (born 1956) has more than 25 years of experience from leading positions in life science, including cell therapy companies. Edberg's previous positions include Managing Director and Vice President at Mylan AB, Nordic countries, CEO of LFF Service AB, Svenska Läkemedelsförsäkringen AB and NM Pharma AB as well as leading positions within the venture capital company LinkMed AB (Allenex), Pfizer, Pharmacia, Bactiguard and Cilag (Johnson & Johnson) AB. Her previous board assignments include chairman of the board of the immuno-oncology company Immunicum AB (publ) (Mendus), Likvor AB, A + Science AB and Ambulance Healthcare in Greater Stockholm AB (AISAB), Health Solutions AB, BioResonator Good Eye AB and BioMatCell - Win Excellence Center of Biomaterials and Cell Therapy and board member in TSS AB and TSS Holding AB as well as XNK Therapeutics AB and the Start Up Life Science Foundation. Other ongoing board assignments include Chairman of the Board of CathPrint AB, Amferia AB and A Edberg Consulting AB, The Association of ATMP Sweden, board member of CAMP (a Swedish consortium Center for Advanced Medical Products) and NextGenNK (competence centre for development of cell therapies based on NK cells).

Independency: Agneta Edberg is independent in relation to the company, its senior executives and major shareholders.

Shares: 160 953 (incl. related parties).

Warrants (TO2): 31 626 (incl. related parties).

Agneta Edberg