Magnus Essand

Board member since 2014 and co-founder

Education: Professor of gene therapy at Uppsala University.

Experience: Magnus Essand (born 1964) has been working as a Professor of Gene Therapy at Uppsala University since 2009 and was between 2000 and 2009 an Associate Professor in Immunology at the same University. Before that he worked at the United States National Cancer Institute (NCI). He has published 98 scientific articles and has been a leading (first/last) author on 48 of these. He has also published 14 review articles on cancer immunotherapy. He has on numerous occasions been awarded prizes for his work and has received large research grants from Horizon 2020 (European Union), the Swedish Research Council, the Swedish Cancer Foundation, the Swedish Child Cancer Foundation, the Knut & Alice Wallenberg Foundation, the Sjöberg Foundation, and others. He is currently the sponsor of two clinical trials using advanced treatment for cancer developed in his laboratory. Professor Essand is the co-founder of Elicera AB.

Dependency: Magnus Essand is dependent in relation to the company, its senior executives and major shareholders.

Shares: 3 370 031 (incl. related parties).

Warrants (TO2): 43 211 (incl. related parties).

Magnus Essand